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25. March 2021 / Gondrand UK and Air Sea Express (Japan) are making tracks…

Gondrand UK and Air Sea Express (Japan) recently teamed up together with Maersk to pioneer their first ever block train solely for one client from Japan to UK via The Trans-Siberian Railway. A block train consisting of 40 x 40’ containers for a sportswear customer of Gondrand UK was successfully planned and managed by the teams in both Japan and UK. The shipment departed from Yokohama in January and arrived at Felixstowe UK on 2nd of March, having made the long journey and crossing Russia by both land and sea.

Maintaining the highest standards of speed and safety on this transcontinental route, the companies were able to tackle any border issues as and when they arose, ensuring a smooth and reliable passage from door to door. Demonstrating the commitment to the customer’s needs, this proved to be a bright example of synergies between ocean and rail transport in these currently ever challenging times.

30 Oct. / Gondrand UK moved Santa’s Sleigh

Gondrand UK have today just moved Santa’s Sleigh to the UK from his home to ensure the on time delivery of Christmas presents.

02 Oct. / New Mezzanine Floors

Gondrand Dagenham Warehouse has now increased capacity with the installation of our two new mezzanine floors.

01 Oct. / New Bank Details

Please note that with immediate effect our new bankers will be:
Barclays Bank Plc. I Churchill Place, London E14 5HP.

Details of our new account numbers can be found on our Invoices and monthly statements.